Yushibin (Celebratory Container)

Yushibin (Celebratory Container)
Yushibin (Celebratory Container)

'Yushibin' are unique containers in the shape of a gourd that were traditionally used for festive occasions in Okinawa. They were filled with awamori and presented to guests to offer congratulations.


The history of pottery liquor containers in Okinawa goes back a very long time. There are all kinds of pottery ranging from Kina and Chibana pots to unglazed Tsuboya pots and glazed pots in Okinawa. Succeeding to the flow of history, many potters are at work today following on the traditions of the past. Okinawan ceramic liquor containers come in various kinds and often include an element of fun. The Japan Folk Crafts Movement advocated by Muneyoshi Yanagi was strongly influenced by Okinawa's Tsuboya pottery and lead Shoji Hamada and Bernard Leach to form their Minto (folk pottery) movement to foster potters. The movement has been so active that today around 100 potters and artists are at work in Okinawa.

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